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So we had the first show in 2012 and it was a big success. I’ll say this: his one request is that he really be Bar Mitzvahed. He’s one of those guys that you can’t say a bad thing about him except maybe he does too much. We have our HFC U program, which provides everything college groups need to raise money and have their own fundraisers. We did one in New York the year before last and I think we’re going to do one this year again.

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Carolla's parents kicked him out of their garage apartment, and he and The Weez found an apartment together.

For about three years, they were just a couple of slackers, sharing an old futon.

He even changed the name of the company, Ace Broadcasting Network, to Carolla Digital. To answer that question, the jury must decide: Was Misraje a partner, as he insists? Misraje's lawsuit cites multiple examples in which Carolla credits Misraje for the podcast.

According to the lawsuit, Carolla sent Misraje a scathing email firing his old friend. "I want to thank my buddy Donny for setting this experiment up," he says in the first podcast, according to the lawsuit.

In his newest show, acclaimed comedian and master carpenter Adam Carolla will be building with some of his big name Hollywood friends.

Carolla was still getting paid under his CBS contract, but there was no way to create revenue to pay Misraje until the contract -- and its noncompete clause -- expired on December 31, 2009.Adam Carolla still has a shot at making friends with the transgender community -- because TMZ has learned, a prominent transexual dating website has offered to help the radio host redeem himself after his anti-LGBT rant.The site -- Tranny -- sent a personal letter to Carolla recently, asking him to join the staff at TD for a day to help him understand "why people do in fact care about us."Adam spewed some anti-LGBT garbage on his podcast last week -- claiming, "When did we start giving a sh*t about these [transgender] people?"No word yet on whether Adam plans to grab the, uh ... (CNN) -- It's a sad, familiar story in Hollywood: When somebody makes it big, somebody else gets left behind. "Jimmy the Sports Guy" was none other than Jimmy Kimmel. Drew Pinsky, who now has a nightly show on CNN sister network HLN, hosted the sex advice show "Loveline," which was picked up by MTV and still airs over the Westwood One radio network.Ace, the funny one, dug ditches for an hour, and The Weez tended bar and fooled around with video equipment. The Weez's family served as a safety net, keeping them from going totally feral.