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Scripture needs no validation other than what the Lord has provided (Luke -31).

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And Reed, who as a teen underwent electroshock therapy to "cure" his homosexual leanings, knew from mind-alteration.Despite songs about drag queens ("Candy Says") and junkies ("Heroin"), a (presumably fired) Vatican official scheduled a 2000 concert where Reed performed for Pope John Paul II.We'd totally drop some banal sound bite here ("A rocker for the Obama era! "), but the lead singer of Bloc Party doesn't deserve such pap.Kele's vocals ping-pong from frenetic sensuality (see "Flux") to ethereality ("Tulips") at a moment's notice, making him the perfect po-mo pop candy for those of us too jaded for love songs and too old to be reading One of the founding fathers of rock and roll, Buddy Holly revolutionized the music industry before his death at age twenty-two.As far as rock and roll come-ons go, it doesn't get much better than, "Tell your children not to walk my way." — All due respect to Debbie Harry, but is there a finer embodiment of downtown cool than Mr. Discovered by Andy Warhol, Reed went on to make decades of inimitable, often proudly inaccessible rock.

Jesse Michaels' Myspace page lists his wife under "favorite things," with typical punk frankness.Sexy enough, but his demented love letters to New York ("On Avenue B, someone cruised him one night/he took him in an alley and then pulled a knife/And thought of his father, as he cut his windpipe/and finally danced to the rock minuet") had already conferred rock sainthood.— Back in 2001, before the internet's ubiquity had demolished music's international boundaries, there were still some bands you plain wouldn't hear about outside your country of origin.I was Buddy Holly." Hipsters and Beatlemaniacs everywhere have this talented Texan to thank.— Once a filthy acid hippie, always a filthy acid hippie, and never shall a filthy acid-hippie frontman transcend his grimy roots to attain sexy immortality. Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips, however, trades in the impossible.One Wayne Coyne is the guy you hang out with at Burning Man.