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The Chamber of Secrets was a legendary chamber built by Salazar Slytherin and inside was a beast that only his heir could control.It was believed that Gryffindor student, Rubeus Hagrid had opened the Chamber because he was caught raising Aragog (an acromantula), but it was actually Tom Marvolo Riddle, a Slytherin student.Opening the stall's door, she planned to yell at Riddle to go away.On Riddle's command, the Basilisk stared at Myrtle and her eyes met with the monster's.The monster had been using the pipes as a means of transportation, as to not be seen and therefore never being caught.Myrtle, still in one of the stalls, recognised the voice as being from a boy.A federal judge in California denied a request to force the Trump administration to continue to make cost-sharing subsidy payments aimed at helping lower-income individuals afford health care costs under Obamacare.The order is a loss for 18 states and the District of Columbia, which had sought a temporary restraining order against the administration.

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That opinion was put on hold pending appeal, and after the change of administrations, the Trump Justice Department had been contemplating how it wanted to move forward. In court briefs, Readler suggested that the California case is simply an attempt by the states to find a more sympathetic judge.

He recommended that Chhabria refrain on ruling on the motion for a temporary injunction and instead transfer the case back to the District of Columbia, where the states are already parties to the lawsuit.

They said that the President's decision was "arbitrary and capricious" in violation of the Administrative Procedures Act, a federal law that governs how agencies can establish regulations."Since taking office, the Trump administration has engaged in a continued and sustained effort to 'explode' the ACA by making it more difficult and expensive for individuals to procure health insurance coverage through the Act's health insurance Exchanges," Becerra wrote.

If the administration halts the payments, insurance companies would be "forced to raise premiums to cover the shortfall, and would strongly reconsider participating in the Exchanges in future years, making future years' market viability uncertain at best.," Becerra wrote.