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You might be able to find a few networks out there that update as frequently as Dogfart (there aren't many) but none of them are focused on interracial entertainment like we are!

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In a normal campus classroom the teacher is in front of you supervising and making sure you are paying attention and completing assignments.For a young college student this is beneficial because they lack the responsibility to be organized and multi task on their own. Office of technology Assessment compared to traditional students, online adult learners do as well or better in courses and on tests.

You're more likely to stick to a course if your co-workers knows you're doing it.

A lot of older adults have full time jobs or families and look at college as an education only not a social life.

For young students, college means newfound freedom because they can live on campus or with friends away from parents.

In a study from the National Survey of Student Engagement only 11 percent of traditional college students spend 25 or more hours a week studying, reading, writing, and doing other activities for their classes; 40 percent spend 10 hours or less out of the 168 that make up a week.

As you can see there is a difference in the study patterns of adult students and 18-21 year old students.