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This new, yet renowned website is designed for feminine lesbians and kicks off with a ‘femme power’ theme to banish the popular notion that being womanly and dressing girly technically makes a lesbian “invisible” in the LGBT or GLBT community.

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And in the spirit of Halloween, I suggest that after you read your creepy horoscope, you embrace your weird personality to the fullest …unless your creepy habit is going to get you in trouble or arrested (lookin’ at you again, Taurus). Keep reading to find out what your creepiest quality or obsession is, according to astrology. issue with her temper and it’s only a matter of time before she completely loses her cool.

RELATED: The creepiest thing about Leo is definitely her narcissism.If you tell her you’re busy, chances are she’s on your Twitter feed looking for an explanation.If you’ve broken up with her, she’ll casually bump into you at the grocery store and ask how your new girlfriend is doing … Do I need to continue with how creepy her behavior is? RELATED: While it’s true that Gemini is a compulsive liar, what’s creepy about it is her ability to STILL convince people she knows what she’s talking about, even when they know she’s lying.The only thing is that if she’s ever caught up in a bad situation, she’s going to have to have an airtight explanation for why her Internet history looks the way it does …Otherwise, she’s going to be in a lot of trouble all because she was curious.Gemini doesn’t use her persuasion powers for bad the time, but she does know how easy it is for her to manipulate others.