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There are many lakes, especially on the eastern slope of the Southern and Central Urals.The largest are Uvildy, Itkul, Turgoyak, and Tavatuy. In the Polar Urals, lakes occur in glacial valleys, the deepest of them being The climate is of the continental type, marked by temperature extremes that become increasingly evident both from north to south and from west to east.On the eastern slope, volcanic layers alternate with sedimentary strata, all dating from middle Paleozoic times.

The western slope of the Urals is composed of middle Paleozoic sedimentary rocks (sandstones and limestones) that are about 350 million years old.

The eastern slopes, on the other hand, have fewer karst formations; instead, rocky outliers rise above the flattened surfaces.

Broad foothills, reduced to peneplain, adjoin the Central and Southern Urals on the east.

Russia and the major part of the traditional physiographic boundary between Europe and Asia.

Extending some 1,550 miles (2,500 km) from the bend of the Ural River in the south to the low, severely eroded Pay-Khoy Ridge, which forms a 250-mile (400-km) fingerlike extension to the northern tip of the Urals proper, the mountains constitute the major portion of the Uralian orogenic belt, which stretches 2,175 miles (3,500 km) from the Aral Sea to the northernmost tip of Mughalzhar Hills, themselves part of the Uralian orogenic belt, are a broad, arrowhead-shaped southern extension in northwestern Kazakhstan that form the divide between the Caspian and Aral basins.