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The game unfortunately skirts around the cultural climate of queer politics and only gives brief mentions to the struggles of single parents, the innately queer relationships here aren’t even discussed.
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A separate study last year suggested debts accumulated during university years are so high that students are suffering from increased mental ill health and distress.

According to financial technology company Intelligent Environments, who ran the survey, one in seven students said they had been chased by debt collectors after being unable to pay rent.

Responding to ’s poll, which had a mixed sample of 52 per cent female and 45 per cent male participants, some 31 per cent said they would have had sex with someone they were attracted to in exchange for a free education.

“Because we were hoping that people from different sexual orientations would take part, we decided to leave the gender of the funding provider to the imagination of our participants,” the authors said.Asquith said: “In many cities across the UK, the average maintenance loan won’t even cover a student’s rent, let alone food and other living costs.Instead of tackling these problems the government continues to raise fees and cut financial support for students.Commenting on the findings, Shelly Asquith, NUS vice president for welfare, said: “In the context of rising tuition fees, rising rents and the scrapping of maintenance grants, it is no wonder that students are increasingly looking for new ways to fund their degrees.” Of the 920 participants who answered the question: “How far would you have gone for a free education supplied by someone who you were attracted to?”, 75 per cent said they would have at least given up some of their time to a sugar daddy figure.We don’t know yet, but openness to the idea of becoming a sugar baby is far higher than we had predicted.