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Plus, as you’ll see in other reenactor’s comments below, many reenactors would love to see more diversity in the hobby.

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So I planned to walk for help and leave Sue and Jessie in the car.Just as I was about to open the door a boy came up and knocked on my window.They developed a fondness for one another that went well beyond normal workplace boundaries.I met Jessie several times at parties in our home and found her to be quite charming and sexy.I pulled off of I-70 into the small town of Junction City to look for help.We drove around in Junction City for a little while but couldn’t find any car shops open on this dark and wet Thanksgiving Eve. Our car sputtered to a stop on 5 th Street right next to a park and what looked like an old, abandoned building.If you saw my wife and Jessie, you would understand why I might have been concerned about this situation.Sue is still in very good shape, even at forty years old.

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I was still concerned about whether it was safe to be there with what looked like five, big black boys.

So I rolled down my window and said, “Thanks for your help, Nathan. I got out of the car to thank Nathan and he said, “This is the old, abandoned boys and girls club and my friends and I know how to get inside.

We come here all the time to hang out and have other fun.

My wife Sue and I were forty-two years old and living in the South Denver area at the time of this story.

We moved there from Kansas City, Kansas for good jobs about eighteen years prior.