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The remaining Lao Sung population has been the target of government suspicion for a low intensity armed conflict since that time.There are sizeable communities of Hmong in the United States and France.Also included in the Lao Theung population are Katang, Bru, Kui, Laven, Mal, Phai, Katu, Lave, Ngae, Jeh, Khuen, Jeng, Alak, Ir, Kasseng, Khlor, Aheu, Bo, Halang, Doan, Hung, Xinh Mul, Khua, Arem, Bit, Chut, Maleng and Mlabri.The Lao Theung peoples are distinguished by dry rice cultivation, and animist beliefs.The Lao Sung are commonly identified by language, dry rice production, slash-and-burn agriculture, traditional opium production and animist beliefs.There are over 90 distinct native languages spoken by the different ethnic populations of Laos.

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Approximately 50% of the total population is ethnic Lao (Lao Loum or Lao Tai); 10% are categorized as Lao Theung or “upland Lao” who are predominantly people of Mon or Khmer ancestry; another 34% are Lao Sung or “mountain Lao,” and are also commonly referred to as “hill tribes.” Hill tribe peoples in Laos include the Hmong, Yao (Mien), Akha, and Lahu.

As a result, Laos today has cultural influence from France, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Burma and Cambodia.

The history of Laos is unique with a national character defined by its diversity in both culture and customs. The Lao government recognizes 47 distinct ethnicities, which are further sub-divided into 149 subgroups.

Lao can be further divided according to regional dialects including Vientiane, northern, northeastern, central and southern.

Northern dialects are spoken in Sainyabuli, Bokeo, Phongsali, Luang Nam Tha, Udomxai, and Luang Prabang.