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If you comb and then use scissors it shouldn't be difficult to take away the stray hairs. He can pretty much do anything with his beard because of its uniform thickness.

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Here is the story of what really happened to Bill Sparkman, a complex man whom few people truly knew.

Hoskins Cemetery snakes deep into the Daniel Boone National Forest, a 700,000-acre swath of rugged wilderness in southeastern Kentucky.

Detective Donald Wilson was at home, settling into his weekend, when the call came.

“Deceased person found hanging in Hoskins Cemetery.” No cause for alarm, Wilson thought; suicides weren’t all that uncommon in the area.

Riding in two cars ahead of them were her parents, plus her sister and brother-in-law and their two kids.

Weaver rushed forward and at first saw only a red pickup truck at the near edge of a clearing.

But as he walked around the empty vehicle, a figure at a far corner of the clearing came into view, about 40 yards away.

For the first time, Weaver walked up close to the suspended corpse. The man’s wrists and ankles were bound with gray duct tape. Census Bureau identification card dangled from the tape, near his right ear.

A red rag was stuffed into his mouth, secured with tape wrapped around his head. And scrawled across the man’s chest, in ink from a black felt-tip pen, were three giant letters: F E D.