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Cumbersome You and your friends want to go to the movies, but your parents ask you to babysit your younger sister and she cannot see the movie your friends wanted to see.

You have to tell your friends you cannot go because your sister is too young. Sometimes your younger sibling feels like a burden, or cumbersome. You got lost, forgot your locker combination, were late for class, and dropped your lunch. Your little sister Lisa comes in and asks what is wrong.

Welcome to Little Diamond Models, where we are not just a modeling service, we are a modeling family.

Little Diamond Models exists to connect creative boutiques with top-notch models and photographers.

She gives you a hug and helps you figure out how to make the next day better.

Helpful You cannot seem to get your school project done.

When your parents ask you what happened, Jenny says she tripped on the pavement.

She does not mention that you were not with her, allowing you to escape the lecture about not paying attention.

The highly sexualized photos that appear to to promote that clothing line show children posing around a stripper pole. Most who read this post will (I hope) agree: promotional photos that show scantily clad and made-up little girls flirting at the camera from behind a stripper pole are totally wrong and sad. Embarrassing You and some friends are hanging out and your brother Josh is in the room.Suddenly, he starts talking about how, when you were his age you still brought your "blankie" with you everywhere, unlike him.Our models bring boutique creations to life through their excellent photography.We also have amazing groups and activities that add to our family feel.Annoying You are doing your homework and your sister Sarah keeps asking you to play with her, even though you already told her you have too much work to play.