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She hugged him tightly trying to support him and he suddenly felt that her hot body turned him on.

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And they're not afraid to use their beauty, wiles, and sex appeal to seduce the hero and carry out their nefarious plans.

(Okay, maybe that last Pot Hole went too far.) Their outfits tend to show more skin and have more leather, fetishist hangups, lace, on occasion, or even gorgeous and functional Femme Fatalons.

She was his sister's oldest, having just gotten her driver's license. He actually loved them both, and they both knew that whichever one was in front of him was his "favorite". " Bob turned around and looked at his beautiful niece. You here for anything in particular, or just hanging out? He still had to go to work four days a week at the factory in town.

He loved hugging them, feeling their ripe young bodies pressed against him. She had short blond hair that fell straight to the sides of her jaws. She knew that, and he was curious about what she had in mind. "Mom's birthday is in a week, and there's this really neat thing I want to get her, but it costs over a hundred dollars and all I have is about thirty bucks." Bob was interested.

They ooze sex appeal and carnality in a way that represents Lust as well as the lust for power that evil promises to its prospective followers. They are as handsome as they are arrogant (much to the heroes' annoyance).

They hide their demonic soul behind the face of an angel.

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This is mostly applied to female villains, although attractive male villains are becoming more common, especially in series geared toward a female audience.Hey, what's the point of being evil if you can't do it with class? A hero temporarily tempted by evil tends to suddenly wear skimpier clothes and be more sexually assertive.Many fans will find them sexier this way and perhaps dread the return to prudery that will accompany their return to goodness. Fanservice, then The Baroness or The Vamp has to take it to the next level, sometimes immediately.That crushed her fabulous soft titties into his shoulder blades. "It is perhaps the finest digital full sized SLR camera on the market today." "Neat" she breathed in his ear. " Instantly a vision of his beautiful niece popped into Bob's head. She was naked, posing for him, her breasts straining, nipples extended, legs open, arms out, beckoning him to come to her, to love her, to remove the hassle of her virginity. It can be pleasurable, delicious, or addictive, it can make you more badass, and it even makes you more sexy.