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Ideal visualisation of your baby means that most 4D bonding scans are performed between 24 to 32 weeks.We can still perform 4D scans outside this range and in most cases we will obtain good images.Your 4D scan will be carried out by a fully qualified clinical specialist or an obstetrician who is informed on all matters relating to the safety of ultrasound.Though primarily an opportunity for you to see your baby, our 4D scans are part of a medical well-being assessment and as such we will share all of our findings with you and a clinical report will be given to you to place in your pregnancy notes.During your scan we are happy for you to record the moving images and the sound of your baby’s heartbeat using your smartphone or tablet device free of charge.* Please note that appointment time includes assessment and reporting and is NOT the length of the scan.We may ask you to go for a walk, have a drink or change your position several times to coax these shy babies into a better position.If your baby’s position is still not favourable on the first occasion we will give you the option to return at no additional cost.

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The position of baby is very important for the quality of the scan and the pictures we take.Note: The length of your appointment at this is my with a 4D bonding scan.The quality of your 4d scan is dependent on your baby’s position and maternal factors.It’s also important to know that for those who wish to know or have the gender or sex of their baby confirmed, this is included in the 4D Wellbeing, 4d Growth and 4D Gender packages.There is no gender information with the 4D Anytime scan.We are also happy to perform the 4D Anytime and 4D Gender from as early as 16 weeks as some women want to have a 4D picture record of their baby early in its life and want to know the baby’s sex / gender.