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-- Lisa, North Carolina Click on the graphic below to learn about Alexanda's story on You Tube: Alexandra wants nothing more than to lead a revolution against this insidious, debilitating monster we call OCD!

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Online: "I’ve been filming Celebs Go Dating now for two and a half weeks.“It’s a difficult time, just trying to date all these birds at the same time. I’m dating as many birds as possible." Speaking about how he found his experience, Joey admitted: “At the start, it was weird, but I’ve got used to it.It wasn’t just the pair of lovebirds who were in Ibiza though, as he was joined by best buddy James ‘Diags’ Bennewith, and his girlfriend Fran Parman. Joey’s birthday squad had pre-drinks at the to celebrate the big day.Wonder if he had a classic chocolate caterpillar birthday cake?

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He added: “You’ve got to be honest and just leave, but I’m not going to just leave the table and run off, that was my plan at one point! I couldn’t believe it." The show takes a number of celebrities and pairs them up with non-celebrities – and fellow reality TV veteran Stephanie Pratt was there for the whole ride.

Her first film came in 1979 in the Svetlana (Bad Girls, Sex Boat, F.lots of it, etc.) directed "800 Fantasy Lane".

In her nine years of porn (1978-1987) she definitely made a lasting mark.

Joey has talked about girls maybe getting a bit freaked out when dating him in the past, saying: ‘If our relationship gets serious, it’s going to change her life.

She’ll en up doing interviews with magazines and photoshoots.